We are German and Alazne. Along with our son Ekhi, we are responsible for this life project called Izal.

Izal is a project full of hope and the result of the need for a change of perspective in our lives. We started the refurbishment of our farmhouse “Irazalaundi” back in 2011, by the hand of Iñigo Echezarreta Pajuelo and Olatz Jauregi Aizpurua from Naidoki architecture. We rebuilt the entire building, respecting its essence. We had it clear, we wanted to choose carefully every single material that was going to be used in the refurbishment, we wanted them to adapt to our needs, to our life style. A natural and laid-back life style.

Izal is a private, warm country house in a spectacular setting. A quiet place where you can breathe the past and present of the farmhouse in a family environment. Large, minimalist spaces, with attention to every detail, where you will feel at home. It is our premise to offer the best quality service and a “round” stay.

Izal is a charming house. A perfect place to unwind. A place where you can feel part of nature in a privileged setting. At Izal you are going to live a “round” experience, immersed in a microworld.

The result couldn’t be better, a healthy, contemporary house that maintains the essence of the past, adapted to modern life needs. We invite you to live an unforgettable experience in a warm, family environment. Live the Izal experience, discover our atmosphera.
Take a deep breath. Natural Atmosphera!

Barrio San Juan 58

20570 Bergara, Gipuzkoa

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